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        Multi-functional air compressor for car tire with digital pressure gauge

        The tire inflator is equipped with 2 in 1 hose and 3 adapters (Presta valve, ball needle, swimming ring nozzle). This electric air pump for car tire is specially designed with a scene switching function. 5 inflatable scene modes (car/bike/motorcycle/ball/custom) can be chosen by pressing the scene switch key in a short time. Preset the pressure value as you need and select the mode to finish the inflation fast. The maximum high pressure capacity is up to 120PSI. Taking the applicability and safety into consideration, the adjustable pressure range in different scene mode is different. You can refer to the following picture.

        electric air pump for car tires

        Portable car tire pump with dual digital display and intelligent control  

        The above pressure is clearly displaying the current pressure when the tire pump is connected. The below pressure is clearly displaying the preset pressure. You can monitor the pressure in real-time. This smart electric air pump for car tire has 4 optional units including PSI, BAR, KPA, Kg/cm2. This 120PSI tire inflator comes with the pressure preset function. The automatic tire inflator will pump to the exact pressure and stop inflating automatically once the tire pressure reaches the preset value. This cordless tire inflator provides a quick, accurate, and safe inflating experience.

        portable air compressor for car tires

        Portable air compressor for car tires with LED light 

        This portable electric air pump for car will be helpful for you if you are in emergency!  This mini rechargeable electric air pump also features with LED light design to bring you a bright field of view in the darkness. With this car tire pump, you do not need worry about lighting in a dark environment when traveling.

        tire pump 2000mAh with digital LCD

        Portable and convenient 120PSI tire inflator air pump 

        This portable cordless air pump for car tire comes with a compact design which measures only 155*62*40mm and weighs 400g, much smaller and lighter than traditional electric tire pump. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. You could put it in your pocket, backpack, or car to help you anytime and anywhere when traveling outside.

        tire pump 2000mAh with LED light

        Safe and Portable Air Compressor Pump with 2000mAh Battery

        This portable 120PSI tire inflator is a powerful solution for your daily inflating needs. This cordless car tire pump comes with the design of heat emission holes to prevent overheat. It is included with all accessories, type-C cable, and user manual

        air pump for car tires

        Tire pump with 2000mAh battery Type-C universal connector

        This portable tire inflator pump has a practical USB connector. You can use a USB adapter or Type-C converter to charge it. There is a built-in 2000mAh lithium battery protection system to protect battery overcharge, battery over-discharge, short circuit.

        portable electric air pump for car tires

        Tire pump for car with high temperature resistance rubber inflation tube

        tire inflator with LCD display


        • Inflation pressure: 0-120 PSI
        • Working voltage: 11.1V
        • Battery capacity: 2000mAh
        • Charge connector: type-c
        • Charging parameter: 5V/2A
        • Working temperature:0-45 degree
        • Working noise: 1m<85db
        • Product size: 155*62*40mm
        • Product net weight: 400g

        Package list:

        • Package color box
        • Air inflator
        • Dustproof bag
        • Instruction book
        • Type-C connector
        • Road bike adapter
        • Ball needle
        • Swimming pool adapter
        • Air tube


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