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        SUP board electric pump with quick inflator and deflator with auto-off function and LCD display           

        This SUP electric air pump not only has an inflation function but also has a deflation function. It will automatically shut off once it has hit the target pressure — an important safety feature. One of the faster inflatable stand-up paddleboard electric 12v pumps has worked very reliably under heavy use. Use the digital display to set your desired pressure and monitor the pressure with an LCD display in real-time.

        sup pump electric

        20 PSI High-Pressure SUP Air Pump with Digital Display

        The digital display is extremely easy to set a precise inflation pressure and to get an exact readout of how much air is in your SUP board as it’s being pumped up. Supported working range 0.5 - 20 PSI.    

        sup air pump

        Electric Pump for SUP 20PSI High Pressure with Air Hose, Cigarette Lighter Plug

        • The 12V 20PSI high-pressure electric sup air pump is included with a high-quality 3.3ft maneuverable long flexible air hose, cigarette lighter adapter with wire length 9.8ft (for connecting to your cars' battery) so that you can easily inflate/deflate your stand up paddleboard in no time.  Also other inflatable products, such as backyard pool, inflatable toys...     
        • The paddle board pump features a 12A fuse for increased safety. 
        electric pump for sup

        SUP Inflatable Pump Electric with 6 Different Nozzles, Intelligent Dual Stage 

        • This electric sup board pump also allows you to easily inflate and deflate other water sports equipment.   
        • The maximum pump speed is 350L/minute in the first stage, 70L/minute in the second stage. The auto-off function turns the pump off when target pressure is reached when inflating.
        • SUP 12V pump can be connected to a car's 12V DC plug. 12V SUP board air pump is equipped with 6 different nozzles, suitable for most of the inflatable products on the market. Such as inflatable sup board, kayak, yoga ball, inflatable boat, inflatable tent, inflatable sofa, air mattress, floating row, etc...   


        sup pump


        High-Quality SUP Electric Air Pump Portable for Easy Transportation

        • The paddleboard pump electric has gone through rigorous testing. This paddleboard electric pump is made of ABS+PA which is durable and eco-friendly and offers you a promising summer journey.        
        • With a 12V DC car cigarette lighter, this inflatable paddle board pump is easy to use. Users simply need to plug it in and flip the switch to begin inflating.  
        • This portable sup air pump for inflatables has a small and lightweight body,    which makes it more convenient for traveling. It is also suited for both indoor and outdoor use.          
        inflatable sup pump
        • The electric pump for paddleboard forces air into the chamber and maximizes it into a strong airflow for fast and easy inflation.  
        • 20PSI high pressure stand up paddle board pump can inflate up to 3 boards in a row. 
        • The adjustable PSI air pressure settings with selectable pressure units between PSI and Bar so you can set the pressure to your target level to prevent over inflation. 
        • Material: ABS +PA
        • Voltage: 12V
        • Power: 110W
        • Noise: ≤80dB
        • Pressure Preset: 0-20PSI
        • Air Flow: The low airflow is 350(B)L/min, the high airflow is 70(A)L/min
        • Size: 25.1*17.5*13.3cm
        • Wire Length: 300cm/9.8ft
        • Soft Tube Length: 100cm/3.3ft 
        • Weight: Approx 2kg
          Package includes:
          • 1 x electric air pump
          • 6 x nozzle
          • 1 x hose
          • 1 x product manual instruction

          Some advice to choose the electric air pump 

          • Model: You must be sure that you've chosen the correct model to suit your needs.
          • Intended use: All 12 DC pumps for inflatables are intended to be used for moderate-sized items. 
          • Compatability: A portable air pump for inflatables should come with various sized nozzles, that ensure a wide range of compatibility.  
          • Portability: The best electric air pump for inflatables should be portable no matter where it is used. 
          • Core length: Wherever you want to use your air pump, you want it to have a long cord length.  

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 44 reviews
          One of my hose broke and they shipped me a new one!

          I had ordered a new pump after my old hose had broken and couldn’t find a replacement hose. Swonder mailed me a new hose and I was ecstatic since I can now pump two inflatables at once. Thank you vachan for your great customer service!!

          Great pump

          So far so good. Able to air up multiple paddle boards without overheating. Very impressed with it and definitely beats hand pumping.

          Slow. Comparable to other pumps

          TAKES FOREVER. I HAVE 3 paddle boards. This will fill up one in the time I can fill the other two up with a hand pump. I suppose it makes it easier, but it's not really worth the expense as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully the next generation will do it a little quicker.

          DIane Cardwell

          It takes a while to inflate. It’s nice to do it while you get other stuff situated and then manually pump it at the end. I like it for the deflate feature because it makes packing the paddleboard muchhh easier!

          Such a time saver

          I practiced inflating my paddleboard at home with the manual pump before I took it out to see how long it took. It took my like 30 minutes! So I bought this and haven't looked back. It is such a great buy and other paddlers look envious when we are by the river. It saves so much time and allows me to save my energy for rowing upstream. It can fill up two in a row with a bit of a break. We figured out that (car has to be on for it to run) if you use the jack in the front seat, you can run cold AC so the pump is in front of the vents as it fills up your board, that way it won't overheat as much and you can get the next one filled up sooner. I wouldn't get it for more than two boards at a time as that would take a while. Great product and a big time saver. Getting to 12 psi manually is so difficult.