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        High-Efficiency automatic inflatable paddleboard SUP pump

        16 psi-sup-electric-pump
        • Electric intelligent air pump for SUP with auto-off function and portability
        • The exclusive 12V 16PSI electric inflatable SUP pump can inflate SUP, air mattresses, pool floats, swim rings, beach balls, and other inflatable toys 

        16PSI 110W 12V electric sup pump is included with six adapters/nozzles

        sup pump with pressure gauge
        • Six nozzles. Quickly inflates most of the inflatable products on the market. Such as inflatable SUP stand-up paddleboard, inflatable boat, rubber boat, air bed, air cushion, air cushion, inflatable tent, etc. 

        Electric intelligent portable sup board electric air pump 16psi 12V with pressure gauge and nozzles

        • This sup electric board pump is completed with a convenient carry handle, it easily fits in the top pocket of the new paddleboard bags. 
        • Set the pressure gauge to your desired PSI (max 16PSI) to prevent over inflation and press the "ON" button to inflate.  
        • Once PSI is reached to the desired pressure, the electric sup pump with digital gauge will automatically stop. You can enjoy the travel, hassle-free.    

        SUP electric pump with 12V DC car plug connector 

        electric pump for sup


        • This electric air pump compressor/air inflator with a power cord can pump up to 16 PSI.
        • Connect the SUP board pump with a cigarette lighter to the cars' 12V DC plug. 12A fuse ensures safety.  

        12V electric inflatable sup board air pump with quick and fast inflation and high volume

        air pump for sup


        • Enjoy a delicate designed inflatable paddle board portable pump with fast, high-pressure inflation and high volume. 
        • The maximum speed of the first stage is 350L/min, and the maximum pressure of the second stage is 70L/min.
        • The compact and portable electric sup pump 16PSI is convenient to carry around for easy travel with a carry handle. 

        Inflatable portable electric sup air pump with digital display high pressure 16PSI

        • The 12V electric sup air pump for the paddleboard has a 0-16PSI adjustment range and LCD display. You can set the pressure value you want by the buttons. Easy to operate and control. Built-in digital pressure gauge for real-time monitoring.  
        • The 12v inflatable sup inflator pump has gone through rigorous testing and examination.  If you have any issues with the item, please contact us at any time.    

        Extra 6 valve adapters and long hose included

        • With extra 5 valves, you can also inflate ten,  yoga ball, air mattress, raft, pools and etc...        
        • The SUP inflator is equipped with a 3.3 feet hose, which can be easily extended and stored. 
        Efficient mode
        • Vachan sup pump electric portable can efficiently and easily inflate your SUP(stand up paddleboard) and water entertainment, or pack inflatable products in a few minutes.      

        Package included

        • 1*user manual
        • 1*3.3 feet high-pressure hose
        • 1*5 valve adapters
        • 1*11.2 feet DC car power cord
        • 1*electric SUP pump

        Electric air pump working process:

        The pumps are fitted with the pressure gauges and automatic on/off switches. This automatic pumps work for many hours with ease and no labor work. Pumps come with replaceable hose pipes with nozzles which can be interchanged as per your requirement. 

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 18 reviews
        Gets My Board Pumped!

        I love that this pump is lightweight. It gets the job done. The downside? It's extremely loud, the hose is very stiff, and the housing feels cheap. Other than that, it has a great long cord for power and fits into my cigarette lighter no problem! It is a bit slow to pump so expect about 30 minutes before you are able to get on the water. I pump a paddle board with it. If you forget to turn your valve correctly, when you detach you will lose air and accrue more time pumping, but it sure is worth it to not be hand pumping it on a hot humid day! If I were to buy a pump again, I would look for one that pumps faster and isn't as loud. This one does NOT deflate so if you are looking for that, you might want to look elsewhere.

        Sarah Stagg
        Life saver.

        Before this air pump I was getting the workout of my life hand pumping my inflatable paddle board. By the time i would have my paddle board inflated I would be too exhausted to get on the lake and paddle. With this electric air pump I'm able to conserve my energy and I'm on the lake in 10 minutes. I read some reviews for this air pump and others and some people were complaining that it still takes some time to inflate their paddle board but I disagree. It probably takes about 6 to 7 minutes to inflate. The air pump shuts off on it's own after it reaches the desired air pressure which convenient. Knowing that the pump will shut off on its own it gives me time to go setup everything else I want to take on the lake with me. It comes with multiple attachments as well so if I decide to use this to pump up any other inflatables for river tubing or an air mattress for camping I know this will work for all of it. Love it. Worth every penny.

        Using with SUPs

        I bought this specifically for inflating SUPs. There are 3 rubber rings of various widths included. It would have been helpful to know that these are used to adjust the seal. I discovered this by chance after almost returning the product. We have several SUPs, and each one uses a different ring to get a tight inflation seal.

        One of the frustrating things is the hose on this is a hard plastic making it somewhat challenging to maneuver and because of the rigidity of the hose has resulted in it becoming loose and letting air out in the inflation process. Essentially, if you are moving around, it can become unscrewed.

        For the price I’m glad we have it but I am looking into a way to easily change out the hose.

        As other reviewers have mentioned, it does take awhile to inflate, so we hand inflate quite a bit and then finish with this pump to get to about 14 PSI. Otherwise it would take forever and probably burn out the motor.

        Good but slow

        I like that it will stop at the psi you set it to. It does take a long time. And the hose kind of is hard to get straight for the end to stay in place. But it works and it does it’s job. It takes about 10-15 minutes to get to 15psi

        No regrets!

        Don't even hesitate to get this! It makes having an iSUP very enjoyable and effortless... well, until you get out on the water. ;-} I love how it shuts off automatically. Easy to program your pressure. It is not a quiet pump, and did take around 7-8 min to get to full inflation, but that gives me time to get other things set up and ready. I don't want to be without it...