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        electric air pump for sup


        Q:"does electric air pump work for other inflatables... Tent, pulp board, kayaking rafts, pool toys? "
        A:The pumping speed and pressure of this SUP 20PSI pump should be good enough for many application, Your question is related to the air valve fittings. Currently we can provide version 2 air hose kit to fit more application.

        Q: I broke the fuse in the cigarette lighter plug and cannot read the replacement value. What replacement fuse size should I use?
        A:The device specifications indicate a max current draw of 10 Amps. I would suggest you fuse it with a 12 Amp Slo-Blo fuse at minimum, but nothing higher than 15 Amp.

        Q: How long do you have to wait before you inflate another paddle board?
        A:To inflate a paddle board (10 min) and 2 kayaks (20 min) without stopping, worked very well.

        Q:does it work on road bike tires?
        A:It doesn't come with any sort of attachment that would work for road bikes.

        Q:Can this be used on a 10' sea eagle inflatable boat? does it have the correct adapter?
        A:This electric air pump includes all normal adapters plus a high pressure connector.

        Q:Does it have the option to plug into a regular outlet? Or is it just for the car?
        A:It does not have a plug for regular wall outlet. Only a car. :) Works very well.

        Q:The sup nozzle broke. Where may I find a replacement?
        A:Try Amazon

        Q:Does this works for irockers sup board?
        A:If it has a standard SUP inflate nipple then yes it would.

        Q:I'm looking for a high volume high pressure inflator for my large towable boat tubes, will this work?
        A:This would work fine. Someone used it to blow up the inflatable pontoons for fishing boat. It only took 2-3 minutes.

        Q:Where can I buy a replacement sup nozzle?
        A:Please contact manufacturer first, or search for "SUP Valve Replacement" in our store.

        Q:Does this air pump fit on an Aqua marina isup
        A: This pump comes with so many adaptors/nozzles that they can get in the way of trying to inflate things--so unless it's a completely unique valve type, one of those adaptors will work on it.

        Q:Is a sup adapter included? Above stands with. But in the list below, no adapter is listed
        A:It is included in the package. Someone pump up their Naish SUP with it. Work great.

        Q:How long is the 12v power cord?
        A:It is about 7-8 feet long. It is a decent length.

        Q:Does this with for funwater brand inflatable sup?
        A:Different connectors come with it. You can have a try.

        Q:Does this item include a battery pack?
        A:It does not have a battery pack, it need to plug into the car lighter. You may able to buy one as an option.

        Q:How long does it take to inflate a paddle boar to 15 psi?
        A: About 10 minutes. And when fully charged, it will automatically stop.

        Q:Can a portable power bank with cigerette connector to power it?

        Q:I am looking to buy this to inflate a sevylor kayak. Will this pump work with sevylir kayak?
        A:YES. It comes with several different styles valve. Someone use it for inflatable pontoon. It works well very. It only take about 2-3 minutes.

        Q:Does this deflate as well?
        A:It does inflate. The connection on the other side of the unit is where you can connect the hose for deflation.